Alex Hope Elementary  offers an integrated Performing Arts program.  All students will have the opportunity to engage in and create pieces of Music, Dance and Drama with a specialist teacher.

K – 3:

In the primary grades students will discover and learn about the elements of Music and Dance through activities that encourage purposeful play.  They will develop confidence and skill in creating, composing, choreographing and performing and will learn to play a variety of classroom instruments.

Gr. 4/5:

In grades 4 & 5 students will continue to engage in dance/movement activities and will begin to learn about the elements of drama and theatre.  Using the arts as a means of self-expression, students will be encouraged to refine the creative process and reflect on their creations.  Students in these grades will study the recorder to further develop the skills of reading, performing and composing music.

Gr 6/7:

In grade 6 students will continue their performing arts journey and develop dance, drama and music skills further.  They will begin to research and evaluate how artists work, learn to critique artistic works and evaluate an artist’s intentions.  To broaden their musical skill set, gr. 6 students will study the guitar.

In grade 7 students will engage in increasingly sophisticated drama and music activities to further their skills.  They will integrate new technologies into their lessons by filming and editing scenes and composing digital music.  Gr 7 students will have choice as to how to demonstrate their learning.  Through project-based assignments, they will have the option of using dance, drama or music to demonstrate their understanding of the given concept. Students will be encouraged to take creative risks to express feelings, ideas and experiences.


It is a program where the performing arts of dance, drama and music are woven through almost every session.  Instead of dedicating a set number of classes to each discipline, the three arts are used in combination to help students grasp Big Ideas from the Arts curriculum.

Example: Big Idea – Creative expression expands people’s sense of identity (Gr. 5)

Students might watch and listen to a variety of performing artists to find examples of this.  Discussions would explore similarities and differences in the three disciplines.  Students would then have an opportunity to explore their own sense of identity by creating work in one or more of the art forms.


Children who train in the performing arts build many valuable skills such as confidence, team work, creativity and problem-solving. Each discipline also helps to hone specific skills.

Dance – increases strength, flexibility and balance; improves physical literacy and strengthens the communication between the 2 sides of the brain

Drama – increases a sense of self and self-control, enhances language and communication skills and helps develop skills in public speaking

Music – develops listening skills, helps to relieve stress, increases the brain’s ability to visualise how elements can work together

Band Information: We are very excited to have Gr. 7 Band return to Alex Hope. Please see the Parent/Student Information letter here. Intro letter to AHE families


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