Grade 6 and 7 Band Program

Alex Hope has a tradition of offering a choice for students in Grade 6 & 7. They can choose to join the Band (which we encourage) or Visual Arts/Drama. We strongly encourage Grade 6 students to choose Band as this is an opportunity to learn an instrument and reap the benefits that go along with Music education including academic success, positive self-image, cooperation and creativity. Any Grade 6 students may choose Band; it is not necessary to already play an instrument.

And, of course, Band students who are now in Grade 7 are very much encouraged to continue with the Band program this year, too.

Music Program

The students at Alex Hope are fortunate to have a strong tradition of a comprehensive Music program.

In 2016-17, all students in Grades Kindergarten to Grade 5 have at least two music blocks per week.

Please contact Ms. H. Davis at if you have any questions.

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