Help Me Read

Take a look at the link below for 10 ways to support our readers

Literacy Week (take a look a the link below for some fun and easy ways to support literacy development at home)

Ways to support Literacy at Home

Guided Reading Support – How to help a child decode a word using context clues, images, and prior knowledge. Please listen for the questions that were asked and note the time given to the child time to think of the solution.

Guided Reading Support (Sounding Out) – How to help a child determine a word when they know part of the word. Focus on the key questions, covering the parts of the word, and the wait time.

Going on a book walk – Pre-Reading Skills – Taking a student on a ‘book walk’ before reading is a good way to develop confidence and pull out previous knowledge that the student may have on the subject. Take a look at the key questions, identifying key words, and using the pictures to build a ‘logical guess’ as to what the story may be about.

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