Opening Week Information

Posted: September 3, 2022

Hello Gator Community,

We are very excited to have our students back at school next week. We have attached the email that was sent out earlier with week one information. Day One Information .docx

As well, please see the following reminders:


  • Tuesday 8:37 – 10:00am (bell schedule)
  • If any of our incoming Kindergarten students have not received their gradual entry schedule, please be sure to contact the school on Tuesday.
  • All students new to Alex Hope – please see the greeters at the front of the school. There will be tables/signs set up for our incoming French students and all other new students. Please check in at the tables, and we will guide you to the room where you will be dropped off and picked up for the day.
  • For those in a rush and may have missed their First Day of School photo op – we will have set up a backdrop for you to take that picture.
  • Incoming grade 1 students (last year’s K’s – all 2022-2023 grade 1’s) are to meet in the gymnasium on Wednesday morning.
  • During the second week of school an envelope will be sent home. The forms in the envelope are extremely important for the school. The Verification Form and the Reunification Form need to be completed and returned. We will send a reminder about this, but please look for the envelope during the second week.


  • All families will receive an email before 1PM on Wednesday September 7th. This email will indicate where your child is to be picked up on Wednesday afternoon. We will attach a map to the email, post maps around the school, and ensure classroom numbers are visible on the exterior of the school. This email will indicate where you are to pick-up your child on Wednesday, September 7th. As well, the location listed in the email will be where you drop off and pick up your child for the remainder of the week.***This is not your permanent class. During the first week, we may need to take in new students or may be asked to reconfigure classes to support our class size and configuration guidelines.

Have a wonderful long weekend, and we look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.

Alex Hope Elementary

21150 - 85 Avenue, Langley
BC, V1M 2M4
Phone: 604-888-7109
Fax: 604-888-7102