District Calendars

 2018-2019 Calendars

The elementary and middle school calendar prepared by the District and approved by the Board of Education is posted below. All elementary and middle schools should use this calendar unless specified. Likewise, all secondary schools should use either the linear or semester calendars depending on what timetable your school follows. Schools that have unique calendars are posted separately.

2018-2019 Elementary/Middle School Calendar (except Parkside, Shortreed, BGMS and LFMSS; including Douglas Park, U-Connect)

2018-2019 Aldergrove Region (ACSS, BGMS, Parkside, Shortreed)

2018-2019 LFAS (all students)

2018-2019 Langley Fundamental Middle/Secondary

2018-2019 Linear Secondary Schools (BSS, REMSS, WGSS, U-Connect)

2018-2019 Semester Secondary Schools (Vanguard, DWP, LSS)

2018-2019 Langley Education Centre (Langley Online & Distributed Learning, CHOICES)

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