SchoolMessenger – TESTING DATES

Dear students and parents/guardians,


As part of the roll-out of SchoolMessenger, our school will be sending test messages to assess how the system is working. As is the case with any new system, there may be some unexpected challenges or adjustments needed, so we ask you for your time and patience as we work together to get things running smoothly. Please take note of the dates and times below:






If you do not receive a message within the timeframe outlined, please notify the school. We are only able to solve problems if we are aware of the issues.


As soon as testing is completed and the system is operating as normal, we will begin using this tool by the end of February. You may have already received or will receive a text message to opt-in for text notifications. If you do not receive one and would like to opt-in, you can follow the instructions here.


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